Cottage Style Party #32

Where the magic happens...

I finally finished my office desk redo.

I think I started this last September when I decided I couldn't work at this desk any more:


This cluttered mess did not happen over night!

I can barely see my laptop in all the clutter!

It started with a free desk my brother gave me when I moved into this cottage.

While I appreciated the free desk, it never fit my cottage style.

And I had no room in which to work or think or breathe!

What is all this stuff?

So I cleared the clutter, pitched stuff from the shelves above and 

gave the desk to my neighbor whose college son was working on a card table - 

a much worse situation than my clutter!

While I was at the Worlds Longest Yard Sale I saw a chippy

painted table that I loved(!). 

But the $50 price was too much for me and I knew I could find

a similar table at my local flea market.

Except that I did not find a chippy table at my flea.

Out of desperation I picked up an ugly $5 table and tried to make it work.

But it was just too ugly.

So ugly I did not even photo it.

Then I had a brainstorm!

I switched the ugly table with my photo studio table!

Chippy white paint...✓

Old Formica top...✓

Vintage cottage style...✓

Bonus drawer....✓

But something was still not right.

I didn't like having my printer on my desk and the lamp was too small.

Plus all that little stuff was now in boxes on the floor.

I needed a better plan.

This one:

Where did the clutter go?

Its neatly stashed and organized!

Organized plastic drawers on the right were on sale for half price at Staples.

The clock and chair were finds from the Worlds Longest Yard Sale.

Assorted bowls, basket and wall organizer were from the Goodwill.

Ipod from the local pawn store (yep they have bargains too!) and

the hot pink speakers are from Big Lots.

Bird frame was free from work but you can find it here.

Globe hanging light I made...another post for another day!

This new desk set up is more me, more cottage inspired!

Most importantly, I feel that perhaps magic really could happen here!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!

This weeks party entries were so fabulous from 

little touches to whole cottages, 

even some redneck pickers!

I really love this little bit of detail from an armoire painted with Country Living Paint!

Stop by to see the whole armoire with chandelier inside(!) on From

The pink polka dot dress on this handmade card is so sweet! 

I love the little matching handbag!

Stop by for a closer look at this charming 

handmade card on Janelle's blog Yellow Origami Bird!

I just want to plop down in this chair with a cup of tea 

and look out the window at the snowy landscape beyond!

I love the clean white romantic cottage style of this room 

from Deb at Vintage on a Dime!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I absolutely love your redo! Cleaner lines and better organization can only boost your creativity!

  2. Wow...What a fantastic redo. You have designed a wonderful and creative space...Just right for blogging.
    Have a great week, my friend,
    Carolynn xo

  3. Great redo! I have the same clock and I really like your globe lamp! Thanks for hosting.


  4. Hi!
    love the old desk, w/ drawer and formica top!
    Looking around for office desk top ideas and a creative space...came here via CLH,

    Love it!

  5. I love your new desk and the chair is just to die for!

  6. Oh how I would to plop down in that chair also! Love the new look for your desk. Much more cottage style. Great lamp too! Thanks for hosting and I am featuring last weeks party at Share Your Cup later today.

  7. Great job on your office remodeling! Thanks for hosting your party! I'm having trouble linking up so hope I can attend!

  8. Isn't it lovely when you de-clutter, tidy things away and put new things out. Well done it looks fantastic. Take care. Chel

  9. Love your new desk look.....thanks for the feature sweetie!!!! Deb Vintage On A Dime

  10. Looking good...now I just need to do the same (mine is awful).


  11. Would you please transform my office???Thanks so much for the party and feature...Have a heart warm week...Blessings, Becky

  12. I need to get a new / smaller desk so your article was right up my alley ! :)

  13. Nice post! Very inspirational to de-clutter things and make working space nice! p.s. love the pink polka dot mug but it's missing from your new pics! :)

  14. Hey - I just crashed the party! I found you at Jann's party...so I linked up!
    Thanks for hosting.

  15. I love your new old desk! Now I could write there. I just found you at The Little White House on the Seaside. We will be joining your lovely party and your lovely blog! Thanks for hosting!

    Please check us out and maybe you will join us.

    Warm wishes,
    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  16. I love your globe lamp! Thanks so much for featuring my polka dot dress card! I grabbed a button and now have in on the sidebar of by blog! :)

  17. That was a wonderful transformation of your desk area -- much improved over the "towering" stuff. I can't work like that either. Love the big old clock (looks like an old school clock) and the globe light!

  18. Well, girl, you scored! The changes were amazing and I loved how you talked about the all the times you tried to make things work and had to scrap the plan..moving onto a better solution. How many times have we all done that and yet, when we see beautiful posts, we sort of assume that it just happened like magic! I just love your desk area and anytime you need a co-pilot to navigate the Worlds Longest Yard Sale just give a holler! LOL It's on my bucket list! By the way, I am your newest follower!

  19. Very nice. Love the globe light. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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