Odd Things I Found on Etsy

I found some odd things on Etsy this morning.

By odd, I mean, odd in a funny way.

Like this:

Real strawberry earrings!

Found here.

Poo house sign!

Found here.

Mountain Dew jelly!

Found here.

(I might have missed a Christmas gift opportunity with this one)

Man cave toilet paper holder for the real man cave.

Found here.

(Yep, another missed gift...)

Chicken feet belt.

Found here.

(There's a joke in here some where...)

Cowboy squirrel taxidermy.

Found here.

This vendor also has a squirrel in a golf cart and a squirrel shooting a canon.

From the same vendor...no taxidermy collection would be complete without raccoons in a canoe....

with a little skunk on the side.

A quirky flamingo fascinator.

Found here.

(Should you need to attend a royal wedding...)

Gotta love Etsy!

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