An Afternoon Boat Ride

My Dad invited me for a boat ride last week.

It was a beautiful day so I went!

My family has always had boats (except me...wah!)

so if I want to get out on the water I have to wait for an invite.

Until last year my parents had a huge houseboat. 

But it sank.

No one was on it and it was tied to the dock.

Still, it was a total loss and my Dad decided to downsize to a smaller boat.

Much smaller.

A pontoon boat.

The above photo is my Dad skippering the pontoon through the channel to get to the Ohio River.

I'm not even sure you can say "skippering" on a boat that small.


Why, yes, those are a red and yellow palm tree on shore.

This riverside town has some lovely old homes.

Some of which do not have red palm trees.

This is an old town, settled in the early 1800's.

This is the island (yep, in the middle of the river) where I spent my weekends as a child swimming, skiing and reading a book.

There's a short stretch on the Kentucky side of the river where huge boulders slid down into the river.

Yep, more boulders.

Oh, look! A turtle on a log!

This boulder is so big they used it for a mile marker on the river.

Same small town, just taken from across the river.

An egret, or a heron, or some other tall bird that likes to fish at waters edge.

Our destination!

Starting to think we weren't going any where, huh?

Mom's ready for yummy food and a cocktail!

My brothers ready to jump overboard!

Nah, actually he is ready to jump on the dock and tie up the boat.

(hmm...though it would be fun to push him in the water...)


This is a popular floating restaurant with loads of outdoor tables.

After refreshments, we cruise past the local casino. 

The boat on the left was the old gambling boat that left the dock briefly due to some arcane gambling law.

The building in the background is the new (though ugly) casino, built on ground, when the state repealed the "gambling boat must leave the dock" law.

I've never been there so this is my first time seeing it.

I've been to Vegas and Monte Carlo so I am not impressed.

On the way back to the dock, a turtle family on a log!

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