Valentine’s Gifts for Guys in my Etsy Store {with humor}

Just a few shopping and shipping days left to get your guy a gift on Etsy.

While most of my items are geared towards women,

I put together a few things perfect for the men folk too.

An old wood planer so he can finish all those projections in the garage.

Bakelite flatware so he stops eating with his hands like a Neanderthal.

An antique pulley so he can pull himself up when he falls.

Retro grill basket so he doesn't drop the meat in the coals

Bakelite steak knives for that steak he just grilled.

An old folding measure so he can measure things.

An old cigar box to stash his stuff...you know...the stuff he is always losing.

A nice pair of boots so he can take you dancing.

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  1. That pulley is pretty cool. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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