My Top 5 Favorite Flower Garden Seed Catalogs

Do you like to grow your own flowering plants? If you are thrifty or have a lot of space to grow in, then growing your own is the way to go!

I love to grow my own plants from seed but I only have one south facing window and it is usually full of heat-seeking kitties.

Some seeds can be scattered on the ground, like sunflower seeds, and they will grow without all the fuss of seed starting equipment. Those are my favorite lazy-gardener kind of seeds.

Below are my top 5 favorite flower seed catalogs. Now is the time to request these catalogs for dreaming of summers flowers.


Thomson and Morgan is an English flower seed catalog that has the most extensive collection of seeds I have ever seen in a catalog! Who knew you could grow lantana or lemon grass by seed? All the seed in this catalog comes from England so if you are planning a proper English cottage garden, this is the catalog to order.


I think what I like best about Renee’s is the lovely collections she has. Who can resist an Irresistible Scented Sweet Peas Garden or An Old Fashioned Fragrance Garden or the Heirloom Cottage Garden? Yeah, me either!


Whatcom specializes in unique seeds, all kinds of unique seeds! If you have never heard of it, they will have it. Where else could you find Snake's Head Fritillary Checkered Lily (truly lovely despite the name!) or Black Tacca Bat Flower (very unique!) or the Carnivorous Whitetop Pitcher Plant (ewww…)? Their online catalog is worth a couple of hours spent looking at their unique plants!


What I love about Eden Bros. is the breath of different seeds per type of flower. I never realized there were 16 varieties of cosmos or 19 varieties of zinnia’s or 22 of poppies. When grouped like this, it is easier to do a whole garden or section committed to only lupines or yarrow or sunflowers. Don’t miss their Rare & Unusual flower seeds sections with such unique wildflowers as Autumn Sneezeweed, Illinois Bundleflower Seeds, Tidy-Tips Seeds or Toadflax.


Baker Creek has a beautiful catalog! The owners are preserving our heritage, our heirloom seeds, by collecting the seeds, growing the plants and offering the results via their lovely catalog. Not only do I love all the heirloom flowers in it, but the vegetables are just as easy on the eyes. This catalog is as precious as a book and is one of only two catalogs I save every year. Get yours while you can!

What are your favorite flower seed catalogs?

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