World's Longest yard Sale - Part 2 - The Junk for Sale!

Welcome to World's Longest Yard Sale, part 2 of 3, the junk for sale! 

The World's Longest Yard Sale, aka the 127 Corridor Sale, runs for 4 days on Highway 127. This "highway" runs from Alabama to Michigan, for 675 miles of the finest yard sales ever! It traverses through small towns and farm land, through scenic parks and past 1000's of yard sales. 

My trip started in Seven Mile, Ohio and headed north past yards, parks and side-of-the-road junk for sale. Here's some of the things I saw...

This was my first "unofficial" stop at a parking lot in Fairfield, Ohio that was just setting up. I call it my "unofficial" stop as my plans were to head to the country and not stop until I got there. Oh, well, at least I found a few little things here!

Awww...finally in the country, somewhere near Seven Mile, Ohio, the woman at this stop has exquisite taste! I stopped here last year and bought a ton of stuff and this year was the same. I asked her if she had a shop or was an antique dealer and she said "No, I just like to decorate my home and change it a lot". I will be sure to stop by next year for this years cast-offs!

I call this side-of-the-road vendor "the glass guy". He sets up next to the road right in front of a corn field. His tents full of tables are filled of yummy old glass and china. I saw lots of coin dot and carnival glass, Fiesta Ware and Roseville pottery. I always stop for a peek but only a peek and hop back in my truck in my search for junk.

I think every other home in Seven Mile had a yard sale!

This seahorse birdbath was in someone's yard 
and, sadly, not for sale.

The city of Camden, Ohio turns a park next to Highway 127 into a flea market full of antiques, used items and junk. A little slice of heaven! I bought a lot here.

A table full of vintage linens for sale for $1 each. I bought 7 crochet lace trimmed pieces for $5. Yes, I'm a bundler. It never hurts to ask...or dig!

More from the linens seller at the park in Camden. I picked up a few other items too!

Old bikes, checkerboards, step ladders and milk jugs.

Rusty gold!

5 women power-shopping, junk style!

This vendor color-coordinated her table in red. She was from Dayton and brought a huge truck load from her barn....with excellent prices!

More and more tables of junk!

Never met a barn sale I didn't like! The old farmer at this sale let me pick some dried rudbeckia flower heads to take home and plant.

Stay tuned for part 3...the purchases!

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  1. Following you around like this is so much fun. I would love to do in real life. I'd even carry your finds. Of course you may have to check my pockets before you send me home...)


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