Your Hardiness Zone for Plants

"What growing zone am I?" is a frequent question on this blog. I know I mention grow zones in my flower of the day posts but what exactly does that mean? Grow zones are hardiness zones for plants. These are the zones that a particular plant will grow best in. This is why you don't see palm trees growing in Minnesota and why lilacs don't grow in Florida. The first needs warmer temps and the latter needs winter chill.

Below is a basic map of USDA plant hardiness zones. For the best results, grow plants that are hardy for your zone!

Happy gardening!


  1. I live in England, which, because of our mild winters is classed as hardiness zone 8. However our summers can be very cool, damp and miserable, and this really spoils things; meaning that in some seasons plants perform very poorly.

  2. im in Indiana in the darker-green i always wondered could you take any tree seed from 5 and plant it at 9 or 10 and would it grow or could it not take the heat and die or would it just not even grow


Thank you!