Welcome to March!

Welcome to March at the
Lavender Garden Cottage!

Here at the cottage, it still looks like winter and we are eagerly awaiting the first signs of spring. While the snow has melted, the crocuses have not yet peeked out from their winter slumber. I am sorely in need of seeing any other color other than gray, gray and gray!
For the last two weeks, I have awoken to the muted sounds of birds chirping outside my window. Perhaps they, along with Punxsutawney Phil, know that spring will be early this year. One can wish!

Easy Recipe of the Month

This month’s easy recipe is Lavender Butter. Simple to make and simply delicious! Use it on biscuits or toast, to make sugar or shortbread cookies, put some in your oatmeal or an omelet, make lavender scones or coffee cake…the possibilities are endless!

Lavender Butter


1 tablespoon culinary dried lavender flowers

½ pound room temperature butter

1 tablespoon honey

Finely chop the lavender flowers or grind with mortar and pestle. Add the ground flowers and honey to the butter, and mix well. Place the mixture on wax paper and roll into a log. Chill for at least a day. Unwrap and use. It can also be stored in a jar or bowl if you do not want to wrap and roll it.

Tip: the longer it sits, the better the flavor.

Easy No-Sew Curtains

Really! These truly are easy no-sew curtains! They are simple and a great way to change a room’s look. First, pick out which window you want to change. Measure the window or window molding for width and length. If you need café length or floor length measure to those points. I needed floor length of 102”.Now buy enough café clips to fit your curtain according to the package. When you get home hang your curtain with the clips and there you have it – a no sew curtain to give you room a fresh look!

Take you measurements to the tablecloth department of your local store. I start in the sale section first, and then expand my search to full price if necessary. All tablecloths have a measurement on the package along with shape. Stay away from round or oval shapes, as these will not work. Check the measurements for the ones closest to your window size. When you find a style and size that work for you, open the package and look for a turned and sewn edge. This look is more curtain-looking than a surged edge or a frayed one.

Now buy enough café clips to fit your curtain according to the package.

When you get home hang your curtain with the clips and there you have it – a no sew curtain to give you room a fresh look!

Tip: better to err on slightly too large than slightly too small

Collecting: Vintage Tablecloths

I collect. There I said it. I admit that I collect some things like handbags because I get a great deal on them and can’t resist. I collect plants because I love to garden. I collect dust bunnies under the bed because, well, we all know how those get there, right? The dust bunny drops them off!

However, one of my favorite things to collect, that I collect just because I like them, is vintage tablecloths. The brighten a table, are perfect for a picnic and you can even make curtains or pillow covers out of them! There is something about them, with all their pretty bouquets of flowers or fancy, fussy damask or Fiesta Ware coordinating colors or states of the union (with popular state attractions!), that appeals to me.

I even collect them with holes in them or spots or frayed edges. How could someone throw this faded, turquoise fern covered tablecloth away, even with the stains and pin holes in it? I’ll take it!

So, my collection grew, and grew, and grew to take on a life of its own. They were stuffed everywhere: under bed storage: full, linen closet: full, plastic storage boxes: full, upper kitchen cabinets too tall to reach without a ladder: also full. When I could no longer find any hiding places for my collection, er, obsession, I knew I had to part with some, maybe a few, of them.

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Flower of the Month for March


The month of March is when many late winter or early spring flowers bloom across the country. One of my favorites is Snowdrops. They are one of the earliest bulbs to bloom often flowering while snow is still on the ground. This perennial bulb grows best for lucky zones.

Happy gardening!

Tipp: Spring blooming bulbs are planted in the fall


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Have a wonderful March!

Debi @ the Lavender Garden Cottage

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