Flower of the Day - Viola Sorbet Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Todays flower of the day is Viola Sorbet Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. This unique flower changes colors as it ages: yesterday they were almost white, today they are light blue and tomorrow they will be deep blue. These blooms are perfect for hanging baskets, bedding or borders or patio containers. They bloom prolifically in the cooler weather of spring or fall in the sun and fade back in the hot temps of summer when moved to the shade.

Happy gardening!


  1. Hi,

    I'm Paula from Lulu's Designs blog. Ok, I love the items that you have for sale. But I must say that what has me drooling are all of the flowers! They are absolutely gorgeous. I have such a weakness for them. The lavendar is so beautiful. I could look at the photo all day. Thanks so much for visiting our blog. I can't wait to keep up with yours!


  2. I love ur pictures. I am hosting a Timeworks clock giveaway. Would love for you to stop by.


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