Simple Holiday Porch at the Cottage

When decorating for the holidays I think of huge Martha Stewart type decorations: loads of sweet smelling greens, gorgeous flowers and handmade everything! But due to time, space and finances, the reality is always much smaller. Much more simple

Here at Lavender Garden Cottage I put a flocked tree on the front porch. Since a flocked tree is already decorated with snow I just tossed on some old tinsel rope and newer disco ball type ornaments and it's done. I bought a fresh wreath with a wonky red bow and tossed it on the back of the rocking chair. I attached another red bow to beef up the original then added a couple of jingle bells.

The old snow shovel looks at home behind the rocker. And its ready for snow shoveling action! In the empty pots that held summer flowers, I put in some shiny green plastic ornaments to fill the empty space.  All done! 

When using indoor decorations outside its important to think about safety as well as design. If you are using electric like my flocked tree make sure the plugs won't get wet. If it's windy and your decorations blow around the neighborhood will you annoy the neighbors? Are these heirlooms that could be broken or stolen? 

 My neighbors think my porch tree is kinda of wacky but I enjoy coming home every evening to see it lit up like a Christmas tree...


Thank you!