Successful Bulb & Perennial Flower Combos #10

Perennial flowers anchor our landscapes, but can take quite awhile before the blooms of some types appear each season. But what if the flowers of a different plant were to ride above those leaves early in the season, and then magically disappear just before the perennial’s flowers show up? That’s what happens when you drop the right Spring bulbs into the right kind of perennial.

Narcissus ‘Fortissimo’ with Papaver orientale 'Turkenlouis'

An excellent functional combination whereby the narcissus flowers slightly above the developing poppy leaves. The leaf texture contrast between the Narcissus and Papaver make for an interesting mix early on, and the fast growth of the Papaver covers the Narcissus foliage quickly.  Any combination of poppy and similarly sized daffodil would work.  The poppy flowers after the daffodil, so color is not an issue.

Fall is a great time to plant bulbs and perennials!

Happy Gardening!

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