We Have Figs! Yes!

We have figs! 

Yes, figs! It looks like the lemons aren't the only indoor fruits with spring on their little fruit brains! This is the third year for our fig tree and finally we have fruit! 

That's three years of dragging a heavy clay pot outdoors in the spring, move it around all summer to find maximum sunlight then drag it back in late fall after we have had a few freezes to harden it off. 

That's three years of fertilizing with composted chicken poop, worm castings and dragging heavy pails of water from our rain barrels when we finally remembered to water it (oops...it's a wonder we haven't killed it off yet...). 

And three years of gut-wrenching (for us, not the tree) branch flexibility tests we make all winter so we know we haven't killed it off over the long, cold dark months. 

Okay, I'll admit that last part is really to reassure us it is still alive. Alive enough to eventually produce figs like this...

...which, some day, we hope we will have enough figs for one of these...

...if we don't kill it off with too much haphazard TLC...

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