Lemon Tree in Bloom

My lemon tree is blooming! I’m so thrilled that a) its not just blooming but full of blooms (!) and b) that I didn’t kill it over the long, cold, gloomy, sunless winter! Yeah, me! I can almost taste those deliciously sweet Meyer lemons…yum! I have plans for them…lemon curd, lemon tarts, preserved lemons, Limoncello, lemon & herb butter, lemon cake, lemon sorbet, lemon bars, candies lemon peel, lemon drops, lemon poppy seed muffins…. I think you get the (lemon) message. I can’t wait till they ripen!

To fill my need for gardening year round in a not-so-year-round gardening climate, I bought a lemon tree. In the warmer months I take it outside, water it occasionally and mostly let it be. When the weather turns cool in the fall I bring it indoors where it looses most of its leaves by spring. If I’m lucky it will produce flowers on the tips of the almost leafless branches. If I didn’t kill it over the long, cold, gloomy, sunless winter, that is.

I’ve since branched out with a banana tree (barely alive), a fig tree which just broke dormancy (another leaf-less tree I haven’t managed to kill…yet) and an olive tree which is mostly leaf-less so the jury is still out on whether I managed to kill it or not… I hope I haven’t killed it as I would love to cure my own olives but since it hasn’t produced any yet (fingers crossed!) that little dream will have to wait.

Until then…my lemon tree is blooming!

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