Cottage Style Party & My Fall Porch

I cleaned up my front porch, tossing the old dead plants and hosing
the porch off one last time before winter sets in.

Then I did a little fall porch decorating.

This is the first time I picked up some corn stalks and
was surprised to find corn cobs attached.

I also picked up another pumpkin that may or
may not get carved in time for Halloween.

The mums and lavender are still blooming, a nice
addition to my fall porch.

I'm loving the corn stalks!
Perhaps next year I will add a couple more.

The potted sweet potato vine came form my back yard.

I snipped some barberry for my clay railing pots.

So much nicer than the dead stuff that was in them.

I also tucked some barberry in this little pot.

And to remind me that spring will come again,
I planted some colorful pansies in this hanging basket.

I might have to baby these a bit to get them through winter 
but I'm okay with that!

Have you tucked a bit of spring away as a reminder of it?

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!


Can you believe it is almost time for Halloween?

I know, right!

And right behind that is the rest of the fun holidays.

While I'm decorating for fall in my home,
I'm busy working on Christmas for my Etsy shop.

I'm constantly switching gears between the holidays.
And if that isn't confusing, when I'm out junking for my shop,
I'm always on the search for other times of the year too.
Vintage Easter baskets, any one?

Even though I'm confused as to which holiday it is,
hopefully you are all embracing fall...
and Halloween, anyone?

I got a chuckle when I saw this pet ghost in a jar!
How cute is this?

I dare you to stop by Christina's blog Penny Wise 
to see how she made this haunting pet ghost!

I just love this unique autumn color combo of red and gold with pink!
I love the pink floral dishes with pink depression glass.

 What a delightful autumn tea! 
Drop by for afternoon tea with 

I adore this home made paper leaf garland!
*Home made*
It's so full and lush and those little corns are so cute!

Stop in to Amaranth and Kale to see the scoop 
on how to make your own lush autumn garland!

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  1. Deb, I love the way you have arranged your porch. It is just now getting cool enough to put in pansies and snapdragons here. Thank you for hosting.

  2. Gorgeous porch, Debi! So lovely and all set for Autumn :) Thanks for the party! Spring greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  3. Your porch look slovely and you still have some flowers! Nice features too. Thank you for hosting this fun party!

  4. Deb, I love the corn stalks with the corn still hanging on them. Really adds interest. Everything looks lovely! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Good evening, Deb. Yup, I am repotting my stevia plant - it's supposed to survive inside over the winter so that I can replant it in the garden this spring. We'll see. I love your porch - especially the sweet potato vine - so colorful! Thank you for hosting - I really appreciate it!

  6. I'm sorry if I repost my comment, but I'm having Internet connexion problems lately and I'm not sure the first one got through. I love your fall porch as you managed to make it happy.

  7. Hello Deb, Loving your front porch - the cornstalk is fantastic - love Pansies too! Great features I do appreciate you hosting,

  8. I love pansies such cheery little plants and they keep going when everything else has gone.

  9. Your porch feels like home! Love your sweet touches. Thanks so much for hosting!

  10. I have been clipping barberry too! Love all the touches. So glad to be joining you this week. Lots of fav blogs and always something new! Have a great week!


Thank you!