Cottage Style Party & World's Longest Yard Sale!

I am exhausted!


It was that good of a weekend!

Let's start with Friday...

I took the day off from work to go to the 

World's Longest Yard Sale.

I'm not a big yard sale fan but I love this sale!

C'mon, let's go!

My first stop was at an old shopping center in Fairfield, Ohio.

Doesn't look too promising but you don't know until you dig a bit.

I found this stash:

A future colander lamp, 2 butter dishes and some old books.

A nice start!

Another yard sale in Fairfield which I did not stop at as 

there was no parking on either side of the street...wth!

A couple of vendors were parked on the side of the road right after leaving New Miami, Ohio.

Mostly junky junk but I found this:

Because a girl can't have too many picnic baskets for storage!

I stop at this sale every year in this old farm house front yard.

Usually I don't find a thing.

Yep, all that junk and nothing.

This year I found these baskets:

Check and check on the baskets so let's find something else, yes?

This is the farmers field were a glass vendor sets up every year.

Looks like this year he brought friends!

I bought a bunch of salt and pepper shakers from this vendor with the sled...

but not the sled.

This is one of the other vendors at this stop right before Seven Mile, Ohio.

Can you believe that doll house?

It did not come home with me but these did:

Three rustic locker baskets!


In Seven Mile, I loved this patriotic canopy in the yard at this sale!

I bought some polka dot glassware here which is still packed up.

(more on that later...)

Cars parked on the side of the road in Seven Mile.

It's nice that the locals don't freak out about their yards 

for at least 4 days anyways!

I stopped at this church sale and bought a couple of things...

including a donut:

And what's in the bag!

I bought these from this lovely lady:

who also gave me some lemonade and let me use the restroom!

Vendors on this sale are SO nice!

On the other side of town I slammed on the breaks to check this out:

Can you say Heywood Wakefield?

There's more!

And more:

I have never seen this much Heywood Wakefield in one place together ever!

I pictured buying it all for a song and retiring

some place warm and sunny when i sold

it for a small fortune.

Alas, the vendor knew what she had.

Sad, I know.

If her tractor trailer full of retro 50's blond furniture is still there,

the desk is $175.

A good deal but not the sweet deal I dreamed about...

Moving on...

After a long circuitous route to 

to find a barn sale, I was disappointed to find kids stuff in a little old barn.

Some times you win, some times you lose.

Onto to Camden, Ohio,

home of the win, win, wins!

I love Camden almost as much as Seven Mile!

The whole town gets into the spirit and theres a park 

with lots of vendors in it.

Some bring their campers to stay in right next to their sale stuff.

Just a few of the vendors in the park.

I think this is the worlds largest purple martin house!

Need one? I know where to find this...

Just before I pulled in to pick up a load from the vendor(s) under the tree to the left.

Then pulled in here to pick up another load.

The boxes on my seat.

Can you see what they are through the hole in the box?

If not...

I will take photos of everything else I bought at the show,

as soon as I can unpack it all,

like this weekend.

Because after I got home and unloaded my truck

with the help of Olive kitty

(she is a good helper girl!)

I loaded it back up for Sunday's antique show!

That's right, I am a glutton for punishment,

and an aching back.


I will admit some of the stuff I bought on Friday 

was shown on Sunday at the show.

Like this Adirondack chair which I priced high enough to get over it of it sold.

It did not...yeah...mine!

And my stash of picnic baskets.

All sold except my 2 favs:

the new one above and the blue/red one.


This table of goodies was well picked over but I still returned a bunch to my Etsy shop!

Can you tell these photos were taken at dawns early light?

I brought a bunch of platters and sold one...yeah, finally!

The burgundy teapot was Shawnee which I found out when the couple bought it.

I didn't do too bad, though.

I paid a $1 for it and sold it for $11.

When I got home I checked on Ebay and found one listed for $16 which 

has not sold though it has been listed at least twice.

I'm cool with it!

A few minutes later those amberina vases glittered in the sun!

And one nice lady told me the price on my biscuit jar was a little too low.

That's the tan canister with handle in front.

A quick google search on my cell phone

and I tucked that baby in my truck for safe keeping

to research later.

Thank you kind lady who collects biscuit jars!

This rustic shelf was a yard sale find but it was so handy for displaying

stuff that no asked about it.

It's mine for now!

By Sunday night I was exhausted!

So tired I can't even unpack my yard sale treasures nor my 

Rubbermaid containers of antique show stuff.

I promise that next week I will have nice photos of


ok, most everything,

that I got at the

World's Longest yard Sale!

And just an fyi...

I posted this article on tips for shopping the yard sale!

Just another fyi...

It looks like Blogger cut off a 

large chunk of my post...grrrr....

from this point down.

I'll do a quick mini-redo of 

what is missing.

Once again SORRY!

(I thought it was a little weird when I went to my blog and the post wasn't there.

So I reposted it w/out checking it...bad blogger...and me!)

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party!

Well, you know how crazy my weekend was!

Anyone else make it to the yard sale?

Any yard sales?

Last weeks party was fabulous!

Let's recap shall we?

I love this light and fresh summer mantle:

the creamy summer whites, the chippy paint and a lovely bunch of lavender!

Stop by Must Love Junk to see the details of this summer mantle design!

Get inspired!

This is so pretty, like an impressionist painting.

But these are the real deal, all grown in Laurie's garden!

Drop in to her blog Heaven's Walk to see how lovely these look in her home!

Fabby baked another cake!


How delish does this Apple-Blackberry Cake look?

Yes, please!

Go over to her blog to see more of those fab dishes she designed and 

have some of her cake at her blog Fabby's Living!

Don't forget to pick up your button!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh, what fun! We don't have anything like this in Ca as far as I know...just the Rose Bowl, but not towns all participating in yard sales. Matter of fact, in the city of Orange yard sales are only permitted at certain times of the month/year! Looks like fun bargain hunting :)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for the tour, Debi - always wanted to visit yard sales in America!! Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  3. I have never been to one of these mega event! Looks like great fun.... I can't find your linky??? Will check back later!

  4. That was such a fun virtual yard sale!! Thanks for taking us along. :)

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  5. It looks both exciting and tiring! I'll come back later for the party because I can't find the linky thing.

  6. I've got to get to this sale one of these years!! You found some fun things! Thanks for featuring my mantel and for hosting :)

  7. This is something that I have watched on HGTV and would love to be able to go and shop til I dropped!! I would need to rent a U Haul it!!
    You both and sold some great things!!

    Thanks so much for hosting!!


  8. Fun fun fun! Thanks for letting us tag along on your treasure adventure, Deb! :) And thank you for including my post in your features this week! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. Sigh, wish we had those sort of sales here in Scotland, they look such fun. Wow to all your bargains.

  10. Going to that Longest Garage Sale is definitely on my "Bucket List," but living in AZ kind of puts it a bit far down on that list....sigh! You found some amazing things!

  11. Looks like so much fun - I'd never know when to stop.

  12. Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun...a new item to add to my bucket list! Thanks for letting me join in!


  13. Good Morning Deb - looks like a lot of fun! Did I see some Blue Willow plates peaking our of one of those boxes in your car? HHhmmmmmmmm? Going to that longest garage sale is something I have wanted to do for a few years now, and once I can get my hubby to retire (soon please) we may be able to go! Thanks for hosting! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. Oh Debbie, you sure had an awesome time! You got fabulous things, from where I see the, my friend; specially in that long White table! I sure wish I could make a garage sale myself. Thank you soo much for the FEATURE, I feel so honored and you are so generous sweet lady! You made my day!!! Thank you for hosting again and a huge hug for you!

  15. Thanks for the party and thanks for sharing all great features from last week. I'm glad the party is up and running :) Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  16. How amazing! So much great stuff and so little ....room! heehee! I see some things I would have grabbed up....like a leather bag on a top shelf! What fun! I'm linking today. YAY!!! Hugs!

  17. Great finds on the 127 sale! It's my favorite yard sale of the year. I'm experiencing some serious basket envy over those locker baskets!

  18. I've always dreamed of doing the longest yard sale, looks like so much fun, and boy did you find treasures! Thank you so much for hosting. Lovely blog!
    New follower,

  19. Oh my goodness! I want to go with you next time! So much stuff...wow. Looks like you found some great stuff!

    Thanks for hosting, Debbie. Love the features!

  20. Oh how I want to go to that yard sale some day. Hubby said maybe next year. I love the locker baskets. Your display looks great and I'm glad you did good. I can see why you would be tired. Busy, busy, weekend! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. How fun! Looks like you found some great things. I wish I lived closer so I could go..Florida needs a state wide yard sale. Thanks for sharing at the Open House party.

  22. I probably would have been overwhelmed! Where do you stop!!! So many things to see, to buy! Looks like too much fun! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


Thank you!